Tabiri offers affordable cybersecurity monitoring services for underserved markets built on three foundations

  • Use of low-cost hardware sensors, open-source software agents and cloud-based computing to collect and analyze system logs and network telemetry for indicators of compromise
  • Providing customers with best practice recommendations on how to improve their overall cybersecurity posture
  • Providing detailed customer guidance on the containment and remediation of detected cyber threats
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Tabiri Analytics, Inc was founded with a clear mission: To help organisations in underserved markets protect against cybersecurity threats. Tabiri has developed a novel solution that combines signature and behavior based detection with machine learning together with cybersecurity experts to deliver real-time cybersecurity threat detection. Our continuous monitoring platform collects and analyzes network telemetry in order to identify

  • Network, system and application vulnerabilities that could be exploited from the internet and the internal network
  • Active threats that may have exploited existing security gaps on computing systems
  • Security misconfigurations that could increase the risk exposure of computing systems
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