Frequently Asked Questions

  • What customer problem are you solving?

    Small and medium enterprises cannot afford expensive typical cyber security products in the market mainly because commercial vendors target the top 1% or largest businesses that have the budget and ability to pay top dollars to protect their infrastructure.  

  • Why wouldn't a prospective customer just buy Symantec, Norton Antivirus, or another off the shelf security solution?

    Buying an off-the-shelf solution is like buying a single master padlock to keep your business safe. Even those who buy off-the-shelf solutions still require the capability of reading and acting on the solution recommendations and still aren't protected from insider threats. 

  • What is Tabiri's secret sauce in comparison to it's key competitors?

    Tabiri provides a comprehensive cyber security solution that completes the "jobs to be done" for a company seeking cybersecurity services. Tabiri's sensors go deeper into a company's IT infrastructure at the network, system, and application-level and can monitor both external and internal threats.

  • Why is now the right time for Tabiri's solution

    COVID has accelerated the implementation of digital strategies for enterprises around the world while exponentially increasing the number of attack targets from people working at home. Also, digital assets are becoming more and more valuable and cybercriminals or nefarious employees only have to find one vulnerable link in the chain to damage a company.  

  • Why is it expensive to hire cyber security engineers?

    This is mainly due to the high cost of onboarding, training, and maintaining highly skilled cyber security professionals. The majority of SMEs that cannot have skilled professionals or state-of-the-art solutions are left behind. 

  • What does it take to set up a new customer?

    Tabiri can do all of our customer onboarding remotely. We install our software agents on network and application nodes and run our algorithms. Within 24 hours we can demonstrate insights to our customers.  

  • What does a Tabiri customer look like?

    Tabiri's customers are enterprises that either has suffered a breach; are concerned about suffering a breach; have regulatory compliance requirements either in the storage of consumer data or in managing utility services to customers; and/or have an interest in improving their security hygiene either in due diligence for investors or to mitigate cybersecurity risks.  

  • What does your machine learning algorithm do?

    An average small business generates approximately 60 million logs from network, server, and other application actions every single month. Our machine learning algorithms go through every single log looking for anomalies based on a combination of signature and user entity behavioral-based techniques. 

  • Why couldn't small and medium-sized enterprises just live with the losses from attacks?

    Small businesses can either pay a bit for cybersecurity now or pay dearly for it later. With ransomware and digital assets increasing in value and importance to companies, it's only a matter of time before people get hit hard. Ideally, they'll take preventative measures before their systems are compromised and used to attack others.  

  • How are businesses that have regulatory and compliance requirements affected?

    Regulators in financial institutions, insurance companies, fin-tech, and utilities are passing laws requiring cybersecurity policies and monitoring to be in place. Other segments such as telecoms, health care, agri-tech, ed-tech, and insure-tech are mandating cybersecurity compliance to use their networks.  


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